Ke$ha’s ‘Animal’ is the worst album I’ve ever heard in my life.

Ke$ha’s debut album “Animal” is fodder for sheep. It’s vile and disgusting. It’s over-produced. And it’s yet another downward spiral for an already devastated music industry.

I don’t understand why anyone would want to listen to this shit ever. I mean…look at the cover for the single “Tik Tok”:

Here is a theasaurus listing for the word “Trashy.” Ke$ha’s album is all of them and more.

Now I do have two confessions: I listened to the entire album. Judge me all you want, but I’ll give anything a try, and I firmly believe that every album deserves a solid chance and a full listen. It’s part of being an insanely devoted music fan. My second confession: I actually do like “Tik Tok”. Judge me all you want – I deserve it. I will say that I feel extremely dirty after listening to it. Like I vicariously contracted an STD, and need to shower. I play the club jam secretly in my car with the volume turned up, and then I hide in closets, whipping myself Scarlet Letter style. But here I am – admitting it all for the love of writing and music, and the loyalty of all 3.5 of my readers.

Ke$ha is clearly something that all disregarding colleges girlies would surely enjoy. The Katherine’s, Kathleen’s, and Kaitlin’s (who all go by “Katie,” mind you) surely needed a less-respectable idol to persuade them to make even poorer decisions that will surely get them raped.

Have a little respect for yourself and avoid Ke$ha like the plague. If you’re going to spend your hard earned money on some dancey Pop music, check out La Roux, GaGa, or Orianthi. Anything is better than Ke$ha.


2 Responses to “Ke$ha’s ‘Animal’ is the worst album I’ve ever heard in my life.”

  1. Is it worse than Lady Sovereign?

  2. I LOVE SOOOOOV, but to answer your question: yes. yes it is. 😉

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