Zebrahead covers No Doubt

The Orange County based Zebrahead went ahead and covered my favorite band, dammit! Here’s my take on their version of “Underneath It All” – as unbiased as a biased opinion can get.

Zebrahead’s version actually works. The speedy tempo and male vocals definitely translate. It’s pretty poppy, as opposed to the original reggae feel, so score one for No Doubt. However, if I was 14 again – I could see myself jammin’ out to this. It also sounds like it belongs in the movie American Pie. Or some other type of Jason Biggs movie.

All in all – solid effort. It’s catchy! But obviously we know where my allegiances lie…

Check out the song for yourself (and props to Geo for passin’ the link on):

One Response to “Zebrahead covers No Doubt”

  1. slutnugget Says:

    I did not enjoy this cover. at all. bad zebrahead. bad.

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