‘Lost’ was kind of a snooze

Here’s an exerpt of an email I sent to a few of my Losties. It’s a little sloppy, but since the show Lost has already sucked up and destroyed way too much of my life already, I’m not going to do much editing here. Feel free to sound off in the comments section below to tell me what you think!


– I like the idea of the Sideways reality. But aren’t I watching another show with an alternate reality? Isn’t it also being done by J.J. Abrams? Takes a lot of genius away from this Lost premiere. (For those not in the know – it’s Fringe.)

– Lindelof and Cuse (the writers/producers) can be seen on Jimmy Kimmell here.  (When we first see Charlie, Desmond disappears – they say its a coincidence…more interesting things WATCH THESE TWO VIDS!)  In addition this is funny – ” When Cuse casually SPOILED, “As you saw tonight, John Locke is the smoke monster,” there were groans from the studio crowd, which of course had not yet seen last night’s premiere at the time of Kimmel’s taping. “Oh, sorry,” said Cuse, cool as a cucumber ” Dummy.  —> More – “Something is possessing Sayid”, definitely intriguing!

–  You should’ve known that Locke was Smokey from the finale or last 2 eps of Season 5….I thought it was a really good twist cuz I was haaating on Locke during Season 5 cuz it just wasn’t his character! And I was getting so mad that they were ruining him! Turns out, it wasn’t – nice little twist and I should’ve known better in this ‘verse even before the S5 finale.

– WHERE. THE. FUCK. IS. CLAIRE. So if she was hangin’ out with Jack’s dad…she was really hangin’ with the Smoke Monster / Shapeshifter….but why!?

– STUPIDEST THING EVER – Bringing Juliet back, only to kill her again. Lame. Waste of time. Waste of most of episode 1. My eyes were rolling as I watched it. She was perfectly dead to begin with. Who cares. Even though I’m intrigued by the Juliet thing…they still could’ve just found her dead body and had Miles do the same thing he did.

– Lastly, my theory – The end fate of each character will be exactly mirrored between ‘verses. Meaning, whatever is each character’s endgame will be true both in L.A. and on the island reality.

Two hours of Lost in a row is too long for me. I started to get bored at the end. KBYE

Yup, I know. One superior piece of journalism here. But my half-assed efforts represent my actual feelings for the show. Oh, well.


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