Up For Review – OK Go’s ‘Of the Blue Colour of the Sky’

OK Go’s third effort sounds nothing like the guilty pleasure pop outfit we once knew. Distorted guitars, electronics, and lavishly shredded solos have replaced high school lyrics, bouncing beats, and amateurish songs. It’s clear that the album is guilt-free, even after only a taste of lead-in track “WTF?”  My thoughts exactly.

With Of the Blue Colour…OK Go takes the “pop” out of its Pop-Rock. “Needing/Getting” and “Skyscraper” shake things up, showcasing Andy Ross’s guitar playing front and center. Rather than focusing on catchy hooks or fun sing-a-longs, OK Go are letting the music do the talking, and it’s about time we’ve heard it.

Tempo changes are crucially advantageous to their endeavor both here and on the rest of the album. Instead of the usual happy-go-lucky façade, these songs are sometimes slower, accompanied by grooving, bluesy riffs or electronic synths. Songs such as “White Knuckles” and “End Love” encompass flair a la Hot Chip or Passion Pit.

The vocals of Damian Kulash are worth mention, especially on single “This Too Shall Pass.” He hits the highs with ease, ushering in an army of backing vocals for the track’s main chant: “When the morning comes…Let it go, This too shall pass.” Kulash proceeds to growl and screech his way through “Skyscraper,” adapting his vocals to suit the various styles found on the record.

Perhaps it’s unjust to claim that all the pop is gone, but the album thrives on the dynamic of balancing all of its moods. It’s a Rock album, but a danceable one; it’s funky, yet melancholy. This balance makes for a much more mature and respectable outing, and frankly, it’s the best work we’ve seen thus far from OK Go. And they made it happen without the power of treadmills and YouTube.


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