Survivor HvV: Too much Sugar for the heroes

Survivor’s latest season premiered last week, pitting 10 of the show’s best heroes against 10 vicious villains in an all-star battle to the finish for the $1 million prize! And who doesn’t like rooting for heroes? (Full cast details here)

Let’s get to the highlights, shall we?

Reward Challenge #1: A dislocated shoulder (Steph), a broken toe (Rupert), and a topless female (Sugar) was probably the best way to set the pace for All-Stars 2, dontcha think (always gotta lead with a ridiculously physical challenge!)? The Heroes were able to shut the Villains down, but definitely paid a steep price for the win.

Jerri and Coach showmance – How? More importantly, why!? Maybe Jerri is just playing nice to hopefully have an alliance down the road, or maybe she’s just completely clueless on how batshit crazy Coach really is! Either way, it’s good to have Jerri (and Colby!) back representing the early days of Survivor.

Although I’d never want a former winner to win again, I think Tom’s strategy is smart. Approaching JT, he proposed an alliance based on the fact that no one would want to hand another million to a former winner. If two former winners were sitting side-by-side in the finals, they’d have no choice. You have to love Tom. He’s probably one of the most deserving winners the show ever had, and he’s incredibly down to earth and smart. It will be interesting to see him faced up against some of the Villains come merge time.

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar…you made the most rookie of mistakes – don’t fuck with your tribe’s food or sleep! Harassing Colby, waking everybody up, and acting like a schoolgirl is not going to help you, and this is coming from one of your fans! Her first time in Gabon, I rooted for Sugar all the way to the end only to have her sit in the final 3 and not even pretend to care about the win. It was such a lame way to let everyone down. Had she not been an annoyance, I think the tribe might’ve gone for a bigger target despite Sugar being partly responsible for the immunity challenge loss. Instead, they cut her throat unanimously. It’s sad to see such eye candy go so soon, but there was no way I was rooting for her again. I think she just wanted to be on TV again.

With so many huge players, this season is going to be jam packed with twists and turns, and I just have no clue who is going to end up in the finals. Who am I rooting for? Stephenie (always!), James, Courtney, Amanda, and Cirie. Who do I want voted out ASAP? Evil Russell, any previous winner, Randy, and Boston Rob.

Previews: Boston Rob fainted? Fell down? Uh oh – we might have our first medEvac!

Stay Tuned! More recaps and brilliant and insightful emotionally charged comments to come!

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