Survivor HvV: ‘Heroes’…really!?

After only two episodes of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains, the Heroes have already shown us that they’re simply not worth rooting for. There…I said it. I was initially rooting for them too until last week’s episode #2.

Under the guise of James, Cirie and Candice did what they do best – followed a few idiot tribe members who wanted to vote out THE WRONG PERSON! Hence, the Heroes (minus Tom and Colby) sent the best Survivor ever, Stephenie LaGrossa, homeward bound. There goes my hero. Watch her as she goes, folks.  And what a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad decision that was.

Kudos to Tom and Colby for sticking up for Steph as she was under fire from James. This dissension in the Hero camp surely isn’t good for team morale, and surely won’t help them get back on a winning track. James acted like an unbelievable douchenozzle, ruining his good-guy-reality-reputation of two whole seasons in just one single episode! Congratulations, James – You earned it! (And the previews next week showed Courtney telling James he was put on the wrong tribe! More Courtney, pleeeeease!)

Two episodes deep, the Villains are in pretty decent shape! Boston Rob collapsed with some Samoan flu, but rebounded. Nice to see a little emotion from him. Now a father, Boston Rob isn’t as abrasive as he used to be. Good to know there’s a decent human being inside him. Yanno…maybe.

The Villains have won two immunity challenges thus far, giving them two extra tribe members than the opposing tribe. And so far, they’ve all kept their egos in check and not killed each other. That should surely change once they lose an immunity challenge, but time will tell. I hope the Heroes pick up their game so I can watch gleefully as the Villains vote out Evil Russell. That look of defeat on Russell’s face during the Samoa finale? That wasn’t the look of one loss…it was the look of two. I’m sure of it!

Predictions/Final Thoughts:

Randy will be the first member voted out of the Villains tribe. He’s so atrocious that I can’t imagine such strong personalities wanting him around longer than he has to be.

Tom Westman could be in trouble when the Heroes suffer another loss. Steph’s friend and a winner? Watch out for that target, dude!

The Heroes will win immunity Thursday.

Were you as pissed as I was about Steph’s uncalled for ousting? Do you think James is a total doucher now? Sound off on the comments…!

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