No Doubt Writing Album Inspired by 80s One Hit Wonders

Pic Via No Doubt’s Twitter

No Doubt have finally started talking about their influences for their next and sixth album after years of silence – 80s One Hit Wonders, baby! Rockin’!

Starting off as a simple ska band, No Doubt later dipped their toes into Alternative, AC-style Rock, Reggae and Dancehall. As evidenced with the cover of Talk Talk’s “It’s My Life” in 2003 and later, Adam and the Ants’ “Stand and Deliver”, the band has already proven that they love the decade and have no problem making it their own.

“The last few weeks we’ve been listening to the worst of the ’80s, in the sense of bad but good,” Stefani told Rolling Stone. “Pop songs, one-hit wonders, nifty songs, things like that. You just go back and find things that you love, and try to figure out how they made them.”

Needless to say – I AM SO EXCITED. (Shocking, I know…) The as-yet-untitled album is supposed to drop later in 2010, but as No Doubt fans are growing accustomed to, it may even be next year. It’ll be their first album since 2001.

It’s My Life vid:

Stand and Deliver Live:


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