‘Daria’ dvds have a release date

I want it all

I want it all

I want it all

and I want it now

May 11, Daria fans can have it all! Amazon has it listed at an atrocious $72.99, but DVD Empire has preorders listed on sale for $41.99! Sa-weet!

*Update* Amazon lowered its price to $46.99! Pre-order it today! Because $47 is waaay better than $73. Thanks to Nancy for the heads up on this!

6 Responses to “‘Daria’ dvds have a release date”

  1. I used to love Daria back in the good ol’ days when she was on MTV

  2. I am most definitely going to be purchasing them. I love Daria and Mike Judge.


  4. NO FREAKIN’ WAY! You don’t even know how long I have been waiting for this! Dude, I AM Daria! Ahhhhhh! You rock! This rocks! DARIA ROCKS!

  5. and I love that you quoted Queen in the post – classic!

  6. […] way! Nick just made my month after I read his post about how the entire series of Daria is finally being released on DVD. I […]

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