Spoilerific: Last night’s ’24’

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya…

Renee Walker was an FBI special agent from the Washington Field Office. She was involved in investigating the technology thefts prior to Day 7 and was an integral agent in bringing down the threats that arose on that day.  She was later released from the FBI, despite her previous achievements with the Bureau. It was revealed that she had nearly killed a witness during interrogation and had suffered a mental breakdown afterwards. She had attempted to commit suicide by slitting her wrists. She had later started working for a security firm, but as she revealed, it was unsuccessful. Renee served 16 months undercover with Russian arms dealers led by Vladimir Laitanan six years prior to Day 8. During this time, she used the alias “Renee Zadan” and endured a very abusive relationship with Vlad to maintain her cover. She was called in to help in CTU New York with regards to her past undercover with the Russian crime syndicate, Red Square, but some felt she was not up to the task. She was shot at Jack’s apartment by a sniper working for Red Square and died in the hospital minutes later.

Renee left this mortal coil at approximately 8:58 a.m., Bauer-time, proving that anyone who gets close to Jack is as good as dead.

This is the second silent countdown in a row after President Hassan was murdered just last week.

Rest in peace, Renee. We’ll miss you.


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