First look: Scre4m teaser poster

Two years ago, the Weinsteins announced a reboot of the Scream franchise – a fourth movie that would possibly kick off a brand new trilogy. I, a diehard Scream fan was against it. Over the course of time, new light has been shed on the project, making me slighly more optimistic about the series’ future.

Everyone is back! Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox-Arquette, and David Arquette have all agreed to reprise their roles. This is good news! The downside to this? One of these three characters will probably be killed off – most likely Sidney Prescott – and that will be mostly devastating.

Wes Craven is set to direct! The man’s a horror icon! He was there from the beginning, and to have him give the OK on Scre4m definitely eases some anxieties. And to add…

…Kevin Williamson wrote the fourth film. Williamson took a break on Scream 3, handing writing duties over to Ehren Kruger (who didn’t really do the series justice). Having Williamson and Craven back is some sweet, sweet icing on one of my favorite cakes.

At this time, I fear there is nothing else for me to do but get a running start and jump on this speeding train. The fanboy inside me can now rest knowing that Craven and Williamson won’t throw the series off a cliff to its death.

Scre4m starts filming this summer in Michigan. For a kickass interview with Wes Craven, head over here.


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