R.I.P. ‘Party Down’

If you’re my friend on Facebook, follow The Winz on Twitter, or currently reside in my cell phone contacts, then you already know: I’m taking this hit pretty hard. Starz has decided to not pursue further production of Party Down. It’s axed. Canned. Outro.


The show revolved (Past tense. Oof) around a catering company and the quirky characters it employs. Led by Ron Donald and his ‘Ron Donald Dont’s’, Party Down manages to screw up every job they get, ensuring that the only tip they’ll receive is a comment card full of hate filled feedback.

Season 2 wasn’t as strong as it’s predecessor, though the Lynch-less season did have some amazing cameos – Steve Guttenberg and Kristen Bell for starters. Witty writing, a cast with brilliant comedic timing – the entire crew should be applauded.

We’ll miss you, Party Down.



3 Responses to “R.I.P. ‘Party Down’”

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  2. […] R.I.P. 'Party Down' « The Littlest Winslow […]

  3. I just put the DVDs for the first season I my Netflix Queue!

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