Awkward App of the Day: Cage Your Queue!

Created by Wonder-Tonic, this spiffy neat funny…nope, I’ll just stick with “awkward”…application has the power of adding all 49 Nicolas Cage movies to your Netflix queue in one single pop! It’s as if God Himself came down from the Heavens to give us the one thing that would complete mankind!

What will they think of “Next”!? (Get it. “Next”. It’s a Nic Cage movie. It’s probably not very good. I’ve never seen it though. But if you Cage Your Queue, you can rent it today!)

Oh man, this guy’s a hoot.

Props to Hacking Netflix for gettin’ to this before I did!



4 Responses to “Awkward App of the Day: Cage Your Queue!”

  1. Nicholas Cage is the WORST actor EVER! Thank you!

  2. does your blog have a “dislike” button?

  3. That’s the beauty of it! Think of all the horrible movies you’d subject yourself too: Citiy of Angels? The Weather Man? GHOST RIDE!? Oh, Nick Cage. He’s worth a few cackles.

    I do have a confession though: I enjoy the National Treasure movies. Let the judging commence..

  4. There’s a map on the back of the Declaration of Independence. HAHAHAH this is a hysterical APP

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