It’s Official: Joss Whedon announces ‘The Avengers’ as Comic-Con 2010 takes off

Comic-Con began today and two of the greatest minds of today sat next to each other to discuss movies and upcoming projects: Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams. Reports are still flooding in (I’m sure blogs will be buzzing tomorrow…apparently there’s no WiFi there and even cell service is bad), but Whedon did announce that he’s finally and officially directing The Avengers. This is great news for Whedon-ites such as myself because any Whedon is good Whedon. Since “Wonder Woman” went south, I’ve been dying to see what Whedon could bring to the superhero table – and we’re soon about to find out!

Whedon had nothing but positivity to throw Abrams’ way: “I’ve had actual moments of sheer fucking panic because I loved Star Trek so much,” Whedon said. “I just keep watching it and going, ‘This is the gold standard for a team movie, for a summer movie, for any movie that has come out in the last several years.’ And it makes me throw up with fear, so I have to stop watching it.”

Besides the fact that this pairing is my panel wet dream, I think I’d really dig checking out Comic-Con one year. First of all – any excuse to visit sunny San Diego is worth flying out there. San Diego is a beautiful city. Ahh, a whale’s vagina…Secondly – it’d be one badass experience to be there amongst the Uber-fans. I’m a bit of a geek and I just know I’d fit in well with my people (But I would not dress up as anything. I have some standards..)

However, after reading Videogum’s diatribe about the convention in general, I’m a bit torn. On one hand, settle down, Beavis! You’re in CALIFORNIA, which sure beats the humid, traffic-ridden Tri-State area. How is California ever a bad thing? Reading incessant whining about the convention as I sit at my 9-5…quite obnoxious. Put a smile on your face, man. DAMN!

On the other hand, I guess I see where they’re coming from. Waiting in all-day lines just to see a trailer? Meh. That doesn’t sound too great…See! I can watch the fancy Tron: Legacy trailer from the comfort of my luxurious super-single ex-water bed!

But then I start reading the EW coverage and I get all happy again. I want to be there, hanging with the talent, chilling with the cool kids. Sometimes the best part of concert going is the trouble it takes to get there. The anticipation of it all. But once you’re there safely nestled in the front row or rockin’ with your friends in the way back, the band hits the stage and nothing else really matters. The stories that spawn from those experiences are invaluable. I want to be a part of this excitement too, one day. And I’ll gladly take it all in – the fandom, the geekage, and hell, even the line waiting.


One Response to “It’s Official: Joss Whedon announces ‘The Avengers’ as Comic-Con 2010 takes off”

  1. I am so seeing Tron Legacy.

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