We interrupt your regularly scheduled program…

SoooooYEAH! Since my life has been consumed by packing my ish for the big move, I’ve been a craptastic blogger.

Forecast for TLW: Slow. Outlook: Not so good.

This is both bogus and sad, I know. When the future is upon me, I’ll be back with double-force, chugging full speed ahead on this train called life, and other awkward, nonsense¬†metaphors too. It will change soon – I pinky swear.

Allow me to leave you with these parting gifts to enjoy in my absence.

I think Tosh is fly.

Did I mention that I’m going to Ozzfest on the 21st? This means I get to see:

and also:

I’ve never seen Ozzy before. I wonder if he’ll be able to stand, let alone sing.

Oh, yeah – and what’s the deal with this:

That’s cool. I guess…

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

No need to thank me, really. You stay classy, blogosphere! Til next time!



3 Responses to “We interrupt your regularly scheduled program…”

  1. It’s because Hurley is the best. But if that picture of his face is the entire album cover, that’s kind of creepy. I will say, though, if I saw a CD with his face on the cover, I’d be very intrigued by whatever band decided to do that.

  2. I am seeing Daniel Tosh in NYC in October – SO EXCITED!!!!

  3. I’m going to the New Haven show! Psyched!

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