Biiiiiiiiiig Brother: The Beginning of the End

As summer winds down, so does Big Brother…and this year, I think that’s a good thing. The reality show about a bunch of actors LA-wannabes contestants trapped living in a house together seems to have run its course a little early this year.

Here’s why:

1) Love her or hate her – she brought the drama.

Rachel Reilly, the red-headed bombshell/Las Vegas whatever-she-was brought her A-game this summer. Many in the house grew to despise her, but Rachel turned out to be quite a gift for the viewers, unraveling her game slowly, slowly, until BOOM! – she exploded on the scene threatening floaters to “get a life vest,” battling the other ladies, and after her eviction, having an all-out war with gay professor Ragan. You can bitch on the forums all you want about how annoying her voice and laugh are, but Rachel actually played the game from Day 1, and that can’t be said about the remaining houseguests. Kudos, Rach! Rest assured that no one else is gonna “mess with yo’ man”! :::head shake::: When Rachel walked out the door, my interest in this show went with her.

2) “Der Bergade” is the worst. alliance. ever! Ok, so they kept it a secret. That’s not that hard to do…they kept their mouths shut and pretended not to be too friendly. And they’re going to get half-a-mil for that!? Terrible. What they should get an award for, however, is losing challenges. Enzo is an assclown, and Lane is a pathetic beast. At least Hayden pulled out some victories. Thank God Matty’s gone – I was sick of his coniving, lying, and cocky attitude. To have 3 of these guys as part of the Final 5 is going to make quite a boring last few weeks.

3) It’s such a sausage fest. I mean, really. There’s been a ton of MAN on this show in the last few weeks, and there’s only so many times I can chuckle at Enzo and his penguin suit. They gave a whole segment to Lane lifting every weight in the house? Really!? Snooze.

Saving Graces:

1) Brittany’s a little firecracker. Don’t get me wrong – I think she’s a vile, wretched human being. Thankfully, I don’t have friends like that in my life – she’s two faced, backstabbing, fake as hell….but also quite entertaining. Her vicious jabs are hilarious when properly directed. Please, Brittany, don’t leave us with Der Bergade alone! Fight hard, dammit! If Brittany pulls out a few W’s, she could sneak into the finals and maybe even win.

2) There aren’t really any more saving graces. I’m really just finished with this season.

Who do you think is going to win Season 12 of Big Brother? If I was a betting man, I’d put my money on Hayden. He treaded lightly, won a few HoH’s, and seems to be well-liked in the house.

Now let’s move on to bigger and better – Survivor: Nicaragua, anyone?



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