Jane’s Addiction: ‘Voodoo’ Men at Large

Filmed on Halloween last year at Voodoo Experience in New Orleans, Live Voodoo boasts a reunited band still getting high from playing together. Jane’s Addiction shred for 90 minutes with all its original members intact: Perry Farrell howls while wearing a smokin’ one-piece jump suit; Dave Navarro kills riffs with ease, eyes closed and in the groove; Stephen Perkins lets his animalistic side loose on the drums; and Eric Avery (who has since left and been replaced by Duff McKagan) at least appears to be having fun.

During this set, everything feels just right. Viewers at home wouldn’t think they were witnessing a band two decades past its prime; rather, here Jane’s Addiction is one cohesive unit, performing remarkably and demanding every bit of energy from its audience.

The set consists of 13 tunes, primarily from the band’s first two efforts, Nothing’s Shocking and Ritual de lo Habitual. “Up the Beach” is a great opener, slowly building up to a jamming breakdown. Navarro’s skills are definitely showcased here, while Farrell stands on a speaker strutting his skills at chugging red wine straight from the bottle. As a huge smile spreads across Farrell’s face, the band behind him segues into “Mountain Song” and Jane’s Addiction is off and running.

Besides sure shots “Been Caught Stealing” and “Jane Says,” other highlights include an elongated and mellowed “Summertime Rolls” and the riotous, amped up “Stop!” All in all, Live Voodoo is a swift reminder of exactly what Jane’s Addiction is capable of—and there really is nothing shocking about it.

Bonus features include a lame photo gallery of stills from the performance, alongside a four-minute NME Featurette of band interviews that’s definitely worth the time.



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  1. Let the homo eroticism begin!

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