Learning How to Let Go: ‘Castle’

As Fall TV graces us with its presence, so does William Shatner, proving that television can sometimes morph from enjoyable escapism to torture in a matter of minutes. Thirty-minutes that is.

Shit My Dad Says was the very first victim to have its throat slit by my DVR. The borderline-racist Outsourced was victim #2 (I miss you, Amy Poehler and Parks and Recreation).  But new shows are always a risky gamble. At the end of the day, if a new show sucks, you’ve only wasted a few minutes or hours trying to find your next 24 or 30 Rock. But sometimes you just can’t handle continuing with a show you’ve invested significant time and energy into. It is at this time I must bid you farewell, Castle.

You know, I love you Nathan Fillion, and this decision has nothing to do with your remarkable charm or seasoned aura of confidence (Captain Hammer and Captain Tightpants are some of my favorite characters ever). But the format just kills me.

So there’s a guy and a girl, right? And one of them is “rough around the edges”; the other, the seemingly opposite. OMG – Will they kiss and be together and get married and have babies…or won’t they. This week, some random stranger committed the crime and I don’t care. Next week, some other random stranger committed the crime, and I still don’t care. Rinse, repeat, recycle…regurgitate.

Why do people watch these shows? Law & Order has to be the worst of the bunch. Barely any character development, no over-arcing plot, nothing substantial to make you think…what’s the deal? It’s unchallenging television, I say, and Castle has sadly fallen victim to this lame and tedious formula.

NCIS: I hate you.
Bones: Gag me (Sorry David B.)
C.S.I.: Die in a fiery fire.

I loathe all of you equally. Goodbye, Castle. Maybe I’ll see you someday. I’ll eventually peek around during your timeslot just to see how my boy Nate is doing…and though I’ll miss him, your relationship with my DVR is through.

I now present you with a Nathan Fillion picture post. Because I really do love him.





nathan.jpg image by RS_Davis



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