‘Celebrity Apprentice 4’ cast leak

The Celebrity Apprentice is the very definition of a “guilty pleasure”. Watching a bunch of celebrities slit each other’s throats for a fake “job” while competing for charity is probably the best thing since James Cameron’s Avatar. Stupid Trump sits at his stupid desk at the stupid Boardroom as his (stupid?) son and daughter, Donald Jr. and Ivanka, pretend to know whatever the hell everyone’s talking about. And the celebrities fight a lot (did I mention that part?)

Well, Hallelujah! Trump and Company are filming a 4th season of the Celeb-style Apprentice to air next year!  And the cast list that has been leaking to the Web looks better than ever!

According to various sources, Trump has the following celebs lined up: Jose Canseco, David Cassidy, Richard Hatch, La Toya Jackson, Lil Jon, Star Jones, Mark McGrath, Lisa Rinna, Niki Taylor, and Dionne Warwick.


Not too shabby for a peusdo-celeb reality show, aye? Since this list only has 10, it can be assumed that 4-6 more names will hit the streets once filming begins in NYC.

I’m giddy with shameful delight, placing this post firmly and securely in “Best. Thing. Ever.”, “dog and pony show,” and “guilty as charged.”

I think that says it all.



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