Must-see-TV: ‘The Dead Set’

This British mini-series has everything you’d ever want to see in a TV show: pretty faces, a show-within-a-show layering, horror, intrigue…and zombies. Even better – zombies that eat Big Brother contestants! Granted, the UK’s Big Bro is vastly more popular than its U.S. sister-equivalent, the premise of The Dead Set is just too perfect to pass up, even for Big Brother haters!

EW’s Dalton Ross writes:

For anyone who has yearned to see Big Brother contestants devoured by a pack of flesh-eating zombies — and honestly, who hasn’t? — I give you Dead Set. This grisly British horror series (airing on five consecutive nights) shows what happens when the walking dead infiltrate a live eviction episode of the reality show. Four words: Best. Eviction. Episode. Ever. The only thing that could have made it even more delicious? Zombie Chenbot. A-

A zombie Chenbot would be pretty fucking great.

The Dead Set airs tonight, 12-12:45am on IFC. The series will run for five consecutive nights.


The Walking Dead airs Halloween night at 10pm on AMC!  Who’s excited!?



3 Responses to “Must-see-TV: ‘The Dead Set’”

  1. I just set my DVR to record all five nights!

  2. Post Viewing: I really loved this!

  3. I just finished the last episode – pretty good series! The last episode was particularly awesome.

    Time to move on to The Walking Dead!

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