Netflix’s new release delay is really starting to get annoying

So it’s no secret, right? Netflix is badass. Especially with all of the streaming options available, the devices that you can stream on, and yada yada yada. But the one part of the Netflix service and system that is starting to tick me off is the damn new release delay.

As you may know, Netflix signed deals with studios like Sony, Universal, and Warner Brothers to delay giving new releases to its members until 28 days after their official release dates. In exchange, Netflix gets to offer users more streaming options or whatever. But seriously, if I’ve already waited 14 years to see Jerry Maguire, what’s another couple of months or years, am I right?

Damn you, movie studios – I refuse to fall into your trap! Even though Warner announced that their DVD sales improved 15% with this delay, I absolutely refuse to rent or buy a movie that I otherwise would’ve just Netflix’d. Even though it’s incredibly irritating.

DOWN WITH THE DELAY. Netflix fail. Dislike. Yeah. All of those.

Movies I’m currently waiting forever for: You Don’t Know Jack, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Sex and the City 2 (guilty), Grown Ups, and Iron Man 2 (which I still haven’t gotten because of a ‘Very Long Wait’).

I don’t really know how Mario applies here, but I like him better than new release delays.



One Response to “Netflix’s new release delay is really starting to get annoying”

  1. *L* your comments, *DL* long delays. It doesn’t affect me so much right now because all I’m watching is Buffy on your Netflix account. THAT’S RIGHT, NETFLIX. I’m watching something without paying for it. Suckaaas.

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