The Sweatervest Sagas: Welcome to a Catholic Junior High School

(NickNote: A friend and former TLW contributor will be writing the following series about her trials and tribulations teaching at a Junior High Catholic school. In the first of the series, she introduces her life, her frustrations and the chaos that ensues in her every day interactions with 12-year-olds. To keep her anonymity and to prevent her from being fired, she will be going by the moniker “A Graced Occupation.” Leave her some radical comments, and stay tuned for more from: The Sweatervest Sagas! )

The Littlest Winslow presents…

A Graced Occupation joint:

I spend the majority of my time with a group of 85 sweatervested darlings. Ranging between the ages of 11 and 14, these (almost) people seem to rule my life.  They are constantly invading my personal space and generally lack many of the personal hygiene habits you and I take for granted.

Being a mere (ha) 13 or more years older than many of these sweethearts leads them to believe we are, quite literally, peers.  More often than not, this belief is what exhausts me by 3PM daily.  I love you all, but none of you are my friends- sorry kiddos.

Too many days I let students skip detention because I can’t even think about spending and extra moment with any of them.  Yet, my classroom is generally filled with students, many of whom can’t seem to make it to my class on time, after the 2:30 bell tolls.

I invite you to take a peek into the general chaos of my classroom; the countless hours I spend doing lesson plans, correcting papers, and updating my classroom homework website (GOD FORBID THE DEARS PICK UP A PEN AND WRITE DOWN THEIR GOD FORSAKEN HOMEWORK FOR ONCE!)


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