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Kitties play patty-cake too

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From Lugosi to Leatherface, Horror Gallery Offers Nightmares for All

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The ol’ gf and I went a-weekending up in Salem, Massachusetts and stumbled upon this nifty little treat: Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery, located at 285 Derby Street.

The museum is comprised of figures from some of the best horror movies put to film. Old and new are represented – you can check out the Bride of Frankenstein hanging out by the entrance near Bela Lugosi’s Dracula. Figures from The Exorcist, Salem’s Lot, It, and a ton more can be found on the 25-minute walking tour.

The make-up is top notch, done by Hollywood special effects artists, and the ambiance is just as radical. Sounds of horror permeate through as you make your way down dark hallways and sharp corners. Plaques with fun trivia are at every figure, so you’ll even learn something too! Some of the statues are so incredibly well-done that if you stare at them long enough, they’ll pierce your soul – you can really freak yourself out in there.

If you love scary movies, you must visit this Horror themed Madame Toussad’s-esque museum. And say hello to the guy out front for me:

Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery costs $8 for adults, and $6 for kids and students. You can visit them on Facebook too!


Conan O’Brien Announces Title of New Show

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Dear Conan: You complete me.

And also: I can’t quit you.

Now, TBS will actually, finally, live up to its mantra:  Very Funny.

See you in November, pal.


Best. Wedding Band. Ever.

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This video has been spreading round the net faster than an STD after a Ke$ha concert. It really takes off after the 2min 20s mark when the drummer lets loose the beast from within.

I haven’t seen a wedding band this awesome since The Dan Band’s Old School appearance. A little competition, aye? For… wedding band? OK, I guess that’s not a category anyone should strive to win, perhaps.

Now, this dude’s giving it his all. On one hand, it’s funny to watch this maniac. Wind him up, watch him go. But really, I wish I could match his level of heart and dedication in….anything. This dude is happy! Time of his life up there.

Rock on, drummer man!


This is fantastic!

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How one guy at the Sasquatch Music Festival started the best dance party everrrrrr.

Thanks to Doom for posting this on Facebook!

6 Reasons Bacon is Better Than True Love

Posted in Bacon Schmacon, funnn, Sillyyy with tags , , on December 22, 2009 by Nick Caruso

Thanks to The Oatmeal and to SDV for tossin’ this my way!

College Dorm Light Show

Posted in funnn with tags on June 22, 2009 by Nick Caruso

Props to Gail over @ The Worley Gig for putting this up! Check out her blog now for more entertaining bits such as this!