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New She & Him video – “Don’t Look Back”

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Zooey D is tasty.



Velvet Revolver – Live in Houston

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Watching this 2005 performance is a bit bittersweet. On one hand, former Guns N’ Roses members Slash, Duff and Matt kill it alongside guitarist Dave Kushner and hot mess Scott Weiland. Touring for the award-winning Contraband, Velvet Revolver embodies the effigy of modern rock saviors at work and did so until Weiland’s abrupt departure almost three years later. (Thankfully, Them Crooked Vultures swooped down to fill the void.) The downside of this near-perfect showing is the wasted opportunity and future albums that could have been.

The DVD includes bonus band interviews spliced between songs, but to the detriment of viewers, also features atrocious non-band interviews and hackneyed visual effects that, at times, take away from the music. The set is comprised of pre-Libertad tracks like “Set Me Free” and “Headspace” while filtering classic STP and GNR tunes in along the way. The band exudes potential, which is almost as admirable as Weiland’s vocal courage on the gutsy, retrospective “Fall to Pieces.” The entire disc is a tasty treat for new and nostalgic fans, and as evident during the penultimate “Slither” and all of its detouring solos, Velvet Revolver truly was a loaded gun.


I miss you, Nina Gordon. And you too, Louise Post.

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Veruca Salt, in its original incarnation, was one of my favorite bands growing up. In the throws of young adolescence, Veruca Salt was there to usher me into the good ol’ ’90s, and help introduce me to the post-hair band grunge movement taking over the nation.

Though it never was quite the same post-Nina (no pun intended), I still enjoyed the newly formed VS and Nina’s singer-songwriter efforts – Tonight and the Rest of My Life and Bleeding Heart Graffiti. And what I’m trying to say is this:

I miss you, Nina. You, too Louise.

Return to us. Play us a sweet, sweet song. One as sweet as this:

Thanks for the memories, you guys. Even though stretches of time do escape between listens, I’ll always pick up American Thighs and Eight Arms to Hold You and be instantly transported back to the days when I had all the time in the world to sit on my bed, read liner notes, and get lost in my headphones. Those two albums will be a part of me until the day I die. Which, yanno, is hopefully later rather than sooner.

I never did get to see you live, and here’s to hopin’ you don’t leave the biz before I get my chance.

And now for some THROWBACKS:


New Slash video? Yes, please.

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Slash has cool hair.
Slash has been in way cooler bands than me.
Slash has a kickass book.
Slash has a cool hat.
Slash is way better than me in every possible way.

Here’s his new video for “Beautiful Dangerous” from his latest solo effort, Slash.


Whip it! Whip it good!

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Will and Jada Smith’s second offspring Willow is also a SUPERSTAR! Surpriiiiiise!

Watch Willow as she whips her hair back and forth.


Grrr. I want to hate this song so. fucking. badly. But I just can’t. It’s too damn catchy. And that beat is off tha hizzy yo. Damn the man. Guilty as charged, my friends.

Thanks to Doooom for the gif!


Pixies play 33 songs for 33 miners in Chile

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The Pixies played Santiago, Chile last night – the same day that the miners were rescued. To pay tribute, the band played a 33-song set, their longest to date.

The unbelievablely bodacious set was as follows:

Cecilia Ann
Rock Music
Bone Machine
Crackity Jones
River Euphrates
Wave of Mutilation
Monkey Gone to Heaven
I Bleed
Broken Face
Something Against You
Isla de Encanta
Sad Punk
#13 Baby
Gouge Away
Is She Weird
U Mass
Break My Body
Dig For Fire
Ed is Dead
Mr. Grieves
Winter Long
Here Comes Your Man
Head On
Holiday Song

Where Is My Mind

Strike that up as another epic WIN for Chile!

Here, Black Francis says some stuff en espanol:


The Essential ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic

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Well, if this isn’t the definition of “ironic,” I don’t know what is.

Everyone loves a Weird Al hit or two, but would we deem even the most beloved songs (“Eat It,” “The White Stuff” and “White and Nerdy” come to mind) essential?

Oh, man, Al. You slay me.