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Happy ‘Parks and Recreation’ Day, guys!

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What’s on the telly, you ask? Why, Parks and Recreation, of course…finally!

Though way lame, NBC decided to shaft Parks to mid-season last year to make way for the new and absolutely despicable Outsourced. Although Outsourced is still in the running to become America’s Next Top Comedy, NBC did keep its word to our favorite Rec department, and for that, I commend them!

If you haven’t seen the show, or watched some of Season 1 only to leave it behind, I highly suggest you check it out tonight. Here are 3 fantastical reasons why you should be watching Amy Poehler and her gang of department misfits.

1) Because it’s way better than The Office. With the Pam/Jim tension gone, The Office has struggled to keep this reviewer vested in its story lines. Less office pranks and more Andy = a show at the end of its run. And let’s not even talk about Carell’s departure again. Consider that horse beaten to death.

2) Because Ron Swanson is one of the best comedic characters currently on TV. Nick Offerman plays Leslie Knope’s deadpan superior with ease. And who can resist that sexy mustache?

3) Because of this video (and, yanno, Rob Lowe and Adam Scott have been added to the cast). R.I.P. Party Down, but viva la Parks and Rec!

Season 3 starts tonight at 9:30pm on NBC. Be there or be square. Foo.



The Return of David Brent

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The Interweb is all a-buzz with Ricky Ricky Ricky. If you haven’t heard about his…interesting (read: fucking hilarious!) take on hosting the Golden Globes, then surely you are dead.

But check this! Gervais will charm your small screen again when he reprises the role of David Brent on next week’s episode of the U.S. version of The Office.  The leak on the street states that Gervais will have a “small cameo” in the January 27th episode of the NBC sitcom, and will apparently “bump into” Michael Scott. At some point. Somehow. Maybe.

It’s been no secret that I am totally against The Office continuing without Carell, but hey, let’s enjoy this while we still can. We’ve got Amy Ryan back in action (woooooo!) and a little run in with David Brent! It’s a pretty OK time to be an Office fan.

But seriously. NBC needs to put this show down like Old Yeller.


Hannigan, You Heartbreaker

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Did everyone see this week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother? Cuz it’s spoilin’ time! This episode has got me in a headspin – I’m all tizzy with glee and melancholy at the same time. And it’s all because of you, Alyson Hannigan. You heartbreaker.

In the episode entitled “Bad News,” Marshall and Lily are still trying to have a baby, as they visit a fertility doctor to make sure everything is A-OK down there (enter: Barney Doppelganger…finally!). The episode offered a fun little countdown that would eventually drop the bad news bomb.  Starting at 50, the numbers counted down, displaying a different digit in every scene until the big WHOA moment of its final seconds: Lily gets out of a cab to tell Marshall that his Dad has died.

Ok, so check it: First – I can’t lie – I didn’t even see the numbers the first time around. Props to Doom for bringing this to light. Second – and the reason for this post – Hannigan, you have broken my heart. Again. For the millionth time. And I love you.

It’s just like: bad news, BAM!, she cries and my life is ruined. That’s how it goes down. I’m convinced that when Alyson Hannigan cries, 25 babies die somewhere. Damn, man – she kills me every. fucking. time. Remember that little ol’ show Hannigan was a part of – Buffy the Vampire Slayer? (I’m thinking about Season 4’s “Wild At Heart” and Season 6’s “Grave” in particular). Aly brings the hurt every single time.

I’m feeling a picture post coming on, because dammit, I want you to feel the pain too.  

That’s it! That’s all I can take.  Someone give this woman an Emmy, already!

Everything’s Comin’ Up Louie!

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Louis C.K. has a new DVD coming out on 1/11/11 called “Hilarious.”
Louis C.K. is in fact – hilarious.
Louis C.K.’s show Louie will return to FX in 2011.
Louis C.K. got drunk, rode a plane and attacked Twitter.

Here’s a snippet of what happened:

Props to Funny or Die – and watch Louie: Season 1 on Netflix Instant!

A Christmas Gift for You…starring She & Him

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Conan O’Brien is one sexy mofo. His new show, Conan, is even sexier. But the two of those combined aren’t as sexy as this performance from She & Him.

Check out their performance of “I Put A Spell On You.”  And watch Conan.  He is one irresistible Irish beast.


‘The Real World’ cast member Sean Duffy heads to a new House

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The Real World: Boston‘s Sean Duffy won a seat in the House yesterday in his home state of Wisconsin. Duffy, a cast member from the show’s sixth season, was the token conservative, clashing with his more liberal castmates. As an old-school Real World fan – Sean – I salute you!

I miss the show’s good ol’ days. You’re sitting there judging, like you never watched it in the early-mid ’90s. YOU LIAR!

Duffy is married to The Real World: San Francisco‘s Rachel Campos. The two met on the original Real World/Road Rules Challenge entitled: Road Rules All Stars. They have babies together and live in Wisconsin and apparently are doing splendidly.

Big ups, Duffy! I wonder what Genesis and Elka are up to…

Reality TV Trash Talk Tuesday – Who sucks more?

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In the same vein as past segments I wrote about twice and left for dead…it’s time for REALITY TV TRASH TALK TUESDAY!

We all know I love my Reality TV and this season, the competition has been as fierce as ever. My top three shows for the season have been fantastical (Survivor), juvenile (The Challenge: Cutthroat), and also damn embarrassing to admit in public (this year’s Non-Celebrity edition of The Apprentice).  This week’s question: Who sucks more? And the nominees are:

NaOnka – Survivor Guatemala

This year’s Survivor started with the always terrible twist of pitting the young kids (under 40) versus the old fogies (over 40). (WHY MARK BURNETT? WHY!?) Clearly, the younger tribe has been tearin’ it up and takin’ names. And if you’re NaOnka, you’re also tackling amputees to the ground.

Poor Kellie B., the show’s second amputee, was slammed hard by “Nay” in an epic battle over a clue to the hidden immunity idol. Yep – that’s right – a clue! Not even the idol itself! First of all – Nay is stupid. The two girls could have easily shared the clue in secrecy and everyone else would have been none the wiser. Instead, Nay decides to tackle defensless Kellie to the ground allowing everyone and their mothers a chance to figure out what was going down. Not so stealthy, dumbass.

I’m sick of hearing her whine, complain, cry, bitch, and freak out during her confessionals. I’m sick of her mean spirit too. It’s time for her to leave Nicaragua for good…and soon. Though as I fear, she might just be loathsome enough to take to the Final 3 – because really, who the hell would give her a million dollars?

Laurel – The Challenge: Cutthroat

I don’t even want to put a picture of Cutthroat’s Laurel up because frankly, I hate her face.  Amazonian Laurel (she’s really tall!) doesn’t even realize how atrocious she really is. She drinks a lot and picks on people’s insecurities – like poor Eric who just lost 30 pounds. She decided it would be a classy move to call him fat, make fun of his penis, and rip into him in front of the entire cast and crew, oh and by default THE ENTIRE NATION. (Just kidding – I’m pretty sure only 12 people watch this show now, and I’m one of them).

Laurel, I get that you’re a booze fiend who needs the money to support her habit, but damn girl – you cold! It’s a toss up between NaOnka and Laurel. They’re both revolting…but wait! Here comes our third contender!

David – The Apprentice

David, David, David. Part of me is even nervous to write about the guy because he’s probably going to stab me in my sleep. I don’t know how he’ll find me…but he’s waiting and watching somewhere. Probably in the back seat of my car.

OK – Dude is psycho! Even nice-guy Clint had this to say about him: “Dave is the most classless, schizophrenic human…I implore you to rid us of this plague.” And: “You couldn’t get a job as an oompa-loompa selling gobstoppers.” Three cheers for my man, Clint!

This guy is intense. Like a dudebro all jacked out on something. I think this guy stays up at night mulling over just how he’s going to murder his teammates.

Alright kids – so who takes the cake? Holler at me…(although there is a high probability that I’m the only human being on earth watching The Apprentice this season…)