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Happy ‘Parks and Recreation’ Day, guys!

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What’s on the telly, you ask? Why, Parks and Recreation, of course…finally!

Though way lame, NBC decided to shaft Parks to mid-season last year to make way for the new and absolutely despicable Outsourced. Although Outsourced is still in the running to become America’s Next Top Comedy, NBC did keep its word to our favorite Rec department, and for that, I commend them!

If you haven’t seen the show, or watched some of Season 1 only to leave it behind, I highly suggest you check it out tonight. Here are 3 fantastical reasons why you should be watching Amy Poehler and her gang of department misfits.

1) Because it’s way better than The Office. With the Pam/Jim tension gone, The Office has struggled to keep this reviewer vested in its story lines. Less office pranks and more Andy = a show at the end of its run. And let’s not even talk about Carell’s departure again. Consider that horse beaten to death.

2) Because Ron Swanson is one of the best comedic characters currently on TV. Nick Offerman plays Leslie Knope’s deadpan superior with ease. And who can resist that sexy mustache?

3) Because of this video (and, yanno, Rob Lowe and Adam Scott have been added to the cast). R.I.P. Party Down, but viva la Parks and Rec!

Season 3 starts tonight at 9:30pm on NBC. Be there or be square. Foo.



Learning How to Let Go: ‘Castle’

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As Fall TV graces us with its presence, so does William Shatner, proving that television can sometimes morph from enjoyable escapism to torture in a matter of minutes. Thirty-minutes that is.

Shit My Dad Says was the very first victim to have its throat slit by my DVR. The borderline-racist Outsourced was victim #2 (I miss you, Amy Poehler and Parks and Recreation).  But new shows are always a risky gamble. At the end of the day, if a new show sucks, you’ve only wasted a few minutes or hours trying to find your next 24 or 30 Rock. But sometimes you just can’t handle continuing with a show you’ve invested significant time and energy into. It is at this time I must bid you farewell, Castle.

You know, I love you Nathan Fillion, and this decision has nothing to do with your remarkable charm or seasoned aura of confidence (Captain Hammer and Captain Tightpants are some of my favorite characters ever). But the format just kills me.

So there’s a guy and a girl, right? And one of them is “rough around the edges”; the other, the seemingly opposite. OMG – Will they kiss and be together and get married and have babies…or won’t they. This week, some random stranger committed the crime and I don’t care. Next week, some other random stranger committed the crime, and I still don’t care. Rinse, repeat, recycle…regurgitate.

Why do people watch these shows? Law & Order has to be the worst of the bunch. Barely any character development, no over-arcing plot, nothing substantial to make you think…what’s the deal? It’s unchallenging television, I say, and Castle has sadly fallen victim to this lame and tedious formula.

NCIS: I hate you.
Bones: Gag me (Sorry David B.)
C.S.I.: Die in a fiery fire.

I loathe all of you equally. Goodbye, Castle. Maybe I’ll see you someday. I’ll eventually peek around during your timeslot just to see how my boy Nate is doing…and though I’ll miss him, your relationship with my DVR is through.

I now present you with a Nathan Fillion picture post. Because I really do love him.

nathan.jpg image by RS_Davis


Bad networks! Bad!

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It’s about that time of the television season – our favorite shows are ending, cliffhangers are leaving us high and dry…and a few networks are making batshit crazy programming decisions that will leave us completely irked. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1) Parks and Recreation gets shafted to mid-season

NERDS! Why, oh why must this be so! Granted it’s not canceled, but I still have room for complaint here. The Amy Poehler led comedy about a small town Parks and Recs department and the government “officials” (I use that loosely) that run it has made leaps and bounds this year in its second season. The character of Andy has finally come into his own, secondary characters Donna and Jerry were added to much success, and Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) became a star. The comedy is tight, smart, and better than The Office. And the Rob Lowe cameos are off the wall! Mid-season, NBC? Really!? Parks and Recreation is not a mid-season show. See! This Facebook group says so!

2) The Sarah Silverman Program is cancelled

I guess there’s not too much to say here. Comedy Central gave the show multiple seasons to really dominate the airwaves, and I suppose Silverman and company failed to do so. Or maybe its because the comedy rarely evolves into something new. But dammit all to hell – I loved it. The program’s comedy is so dumbed down and idiodic that it’s genius! It’s a shame others didn’t feel the same.

3) ‘The next Lost,’ aka FlashFoward, is also canned

Was ABC’s FlashForward perfect? Not by a long shot. But did it have outstanding potential that was just beginning to be tapped? Absolutely. For starters, the networks are high in thinking that there will ever be another show that compares to Lost. Kudos for trying, but clearly both FlashFoward and V are not the answer to ABC’s programming hole once Lost leaves us for good. But keeping V and axing FlashFoward was not the way to go – they should’ve went Missy style and flipped it and reversed it.

FlashFoward is going to leave so many questions unanswered! I liked the cast and the stories that were unraveling, it just needed a little more love and nurturing to really tap into what this show was capable of. Oh, and also, I hope V crashes and burns. Sorry, Morena Baccarin (I love youuuu).

Though I’m mildly heartbroken about these decisions, at least they aren’t as devastating as the Angel or Dollhouse calls. oooof. and rip.


Betty White For President

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After a Facebook group was created (Betty White to Host SNL (please?)!), the Interweb went on a general crusade bidding everybody’s favorite Golden Girl for an SNL hosting gig. Originally, SNL refused to comment. Now, Ausiello over at says it’s close to happening!

There’s one catch – if everyone goes according to plan, White will be one of many hosts in a “Women of Comedy” episode that is currently being planned. Rumored to be a part of it (or at least approached for) this opportunity are Molly Shannon, Amy Poehler, and Tina Fey. Whether they’ll sign on or not remains a mystery, but this blogger is hoping they do!

The half-a-million (!) Facebook fans will be appeased, while White won’t necessarily have the pressure of the entire 90-minute-long show on her back. She is 88 after all!

MAKE IT HAPPEN, LORNE MICHAELS! I’m sure the episode’s ratings will confirm your stellar decision making.

TLW’s October MUST List

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Wanna know the best way to hide the fact that you’re not blogging as much as you should be? Have a MUST LIST that encompasses everything you would’ve blogged about over the course of the past few weeks!

The following books, TV shows, movies, and other bits of obscurity should most definitely be checked out by YOU. With no further adieu, I dig the following:

1. Paranormal Activity


The ‘Little Indie Movie That Could’ is continuing to turn heads and scare audiences silly. With a continued nationwide rollout, the film has steadily grossed almost $20 million and currently has an 86% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. (Not bad for a film that cost only $11,000!)

The movie is original, well-written, and brilliantly acted thanks to newcomers Micah Sloat and Katie Featherston. The kicker? It’s actually fucking scary! This is not one to miss out on in the theaters! Check local listings for showtimes as it’ll continue its reach in the upcoming weeks.

2. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown


Brown has his fair share of haters, but “The Lost Symbol” is everything you’d want and expect from a Robert Langdon novel, minus Tom Hank’s really bad mullet-thing. In “Symbol,” Langdon is called to Washington D.C. by a friend, only to realize that his friend has been captured by a mad man seeking the portal to The Ancient Mysteries – a hidden vault of wisdom held secret by the Freemasons of America. Langdon must stay ahead of the psycho and uncover the clues in order to save his friend and protect Washington’s many secrets.

Langdon is mainstream fodder by now, but damn is this a page-turner! And it’s cool for the story to finally head to America for a change.

3. “Anvil: The Story of Anvil” DVD


This is the story of two childhood friends and metal heads who have been rockin’ together for 30 years. They’ve inspired bands such as Metallica and Anthrax, and musicians such as Slash and Lemmy, but they never broke or hit the mainstream.  “Anvil: The Story of Anvil” follows the two throughout their everyday lives and tries to examine how a progressive thrash metal band with so much promise never took off.  We see Steve “Lips” Kudlow and Robb Reiner work their boring day jobs while never letting go of their dream. We see remarks from their family, Lars Ulrich, Slash, and fellow co-workers. We see them tour Europe and play to 15 people at a time. In the early 80’s, they once toured with the greats, only to get left behind in the dust waiting for their day to come. But it never did.

The heart and sincerity of this film was quite inspirational. Lips and Reiner’s friendship and the trust they put in each other was touching. Their inability to quit and support from their loved ones truly shined through, creating a very realistic, yet heartbreaking portrayal of one band trying to make it in the harsh, harsh biz that is the music industry. A+ filmmaking. A+ documentary.

4. Survivor: Samoa


Season 19 of CBS’s “Survivor” proves to be a hit after the boring dud that was Tocantins. It’s all about the characters! We’ve got Shambo – the mullet-sporting former Marine Sargeant outcast. We had Ben – an ignorant bar manager from California who told a fellow castaway to go eat “ketchup sandwiches.” And then there’s Evil Russell – a oil company owner who doesn’t really care about the money or who he steamrolls over in order to progress his game (Kudos on finding the Hidden Immunity Idol without any clues! Damn, man!)

Gabon was good, not great. Tocantins was a big letdown. That said, Samoa is proving that there’s still some life to this oldie-but-goodie and that CBS should re-up Jeff Probst’s contract (which expires after Season 20’s All Stars 2!)

According to Samoa, the tribe hasn’t quite spoken just yet.

5. The Noisette’s “Wild Young Hearts”


Friends and fellow readers are probably sick of me talking about this one so I’ll make it snappy. The Noisette’s follow up to “What’s the Time Mr. Wolf?” proves that the sophomore slump is a thing of the past. “Wild Young Hearts” is eclectic,  groovy, and light-hearted. Shingai Shoniwa’s voice is at its best, while the rhythms and retro-melodies are fresh and invigorating. Download “Wild Young Hearts,” “Never Forget You,” and “Saturday Night” to see for yourselves.

Now if only the band will leave Europe behind and come play stateside..

6. Halloween!


Best. Holiday. Ever.

Candy, pumpkin carving, heart attack pumpkin seeds, costumes, scares, ghosts and ghouls and the like – Halloween just kicks ass. ‘Tis the one month I actually enjoy living in New England. I’ve got a huge ass pumpkin waiting to be carved, I’ve got Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Pumpkin Ales on the menu, and a plethora of horror flicks to digest.

October is badass.

7.  Zombieland


It’s bloody, it’s fun, and the opening credits play “For Whom the Bell Tolls.” And it has ZOMBIES! Need I say more?

Woody Harrelson was a badass southerner, Jesse Eisenberg played a coy college kid way better than Cera ever could, and Abigail Breslin and Emma Stone played a sneaky pair of sisters who conned their way to survival. The movie was funny, extremely entertaining, and had a mysteriously amazing cameo that I will not spoil! Everything in this movie fucking worked.

Vampires are out; Zombies are in.

8. Facebook


Screw October, Facebook is in it for the long haul. And I must admit: I am Facebook’s bitch.

The countless hours I spend a week snooping around and being generally nosey could probably be better spent, but damn is it addicting. I’ve got all my friends and contacts in one nice, simple, easy-to-read mini-feed that tells me all I need to know to keep up with your life – and sometimes, too much even!

Basically – if I’m not friends with you on Facebook, I question our chances at friendship as the year changes to 2010. To those without Facebook: It was a nice little run we had and I wish you a lifetime of happiness.

9. Parks and Recreation


When “Parks and Recreation” debuted, it seemed highly doubtful that the show would ever blossom into something of merit. The quirkiness wasn’t quite there, and we weren’t in tune with the characters enough to laugh at their small mannerisms. Upon watching the second season premiere, it was blatantly apparent that this show was going to fight to survive. And if you gave up on it last season, it’s beckoning for you to give it a second chance.

What “Parks” is now accomplishing is truly something to applaud. Utilizing its ensemble cast to the fullest, Amy Poehler and Co. aren’t simply emulating Office-like standards anymore – they’re surpassing them. From Nick Offerman’s deadpan superior Ron Swanson, to intern April Ludgate’s monotone and apathetic  hilarity, “Parks” is truly putting its secondary characters to good use, and that’s something that “The Office” has lots sight of in its past few seasons. (They’re totally overusing Jim, Pam, Andy and Dwight….what about some Kevin and Creed love!?)

Add in the fact that Aziz Ansari and Rashida Jones star in it?  I’d love to hear your reasons for not watching.

10. Foxy Shazam


Foxy Shazam is an up-and-coming band that nicely blends shredding guitars, staccato keys, and amazing singalong choruses with the perfect hint of mild insanity.  Singer Eric Sean Nally dominates the stage and doesn’t give a fuck if you haven’t heard a single song – he grabs ahold of ya and never lets go.

And yeah…he’s mildly insane.

These guys are on the road with The Sounds and literally destroyed their opening spot in New York City. Their first album, “The Flamingo Trigger,” provides you with a hardcore and thrashy, while at times, abstract feel. Their second LP, my favorite – “Introducing Foxy Shazam” is a bit more structured. From avant-garde, to pop rock, to hardcore…I imagine the experimental rock of Foxy Shazam will continue well into their third record, 2010’s “Au Contraire”.

Download: “Dangerous Man”, “Introducing Foxy Shazam,” and “Wanna-be Angel”. Catch ’em on the road with The Sounds through November 7th.

TLW’s Top 10 Most Anticipated Shows of the Fall

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This is late. I know. I’ve even had a few people ask for it – which means I’m being a bad blogger, yikes! With no further adieu, here are the Top 10 shows you should most definitely be watching, anticipating, and freaking out over!

Some are newbies, and others are returning favorites. In no particular order:


If you haven’t started watching Fringe yet, you should most likely bump it to the #1 spot in your Netflix queue. Fringe follows a unique governmental agency that investigates the dealings of fringe science – weird diseases, psychic abilities, things that go bump in the night, etc. It’s X-Files meets Twilight Zone. A group of terrorists are utilizing these freaky-deaky findings against the world, and that’s where Dunham comes in: Agent Olivia Dunham, and Peter Bishop and his dad Walter are in charge (Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, respectively) of investigating these strange events to determine their source and stop The Pattern and those behind it. I’m not giving this show enough justice. It’s weird. It’s brilliant. It’s well-acted and well-written. And it’s confusing. Not ‘Lost’ confusing, though it’s way more intriguing.

Season 2 premiered on Sept. 17th and Season 1 DVDs are available now. New episodes can be seen Thursdays at 9pm on Fox.

2. Bored to Death

Jason Schwartzman + Zach Galifianakis + Ted Danson + HBO series. Need I say more? Schwartzman plays Jonathan Ames, a writer suffering from writer’s block who is moonlighting as a Private Detective – food for thought for his next book. The show is quirky, edgy (Thanks, HBO!), and full of Schwartzman’s Coconut Records tunes. Zach G is the friend/comic relief who hopefully gets wrapped into Ames’ scheming, and Danson plays the bossman. Potential like whoa.

Premiered last night. Check HBO listings for repeats of the pilot. Show airs Sunday nights at 9:30pm on HBO.

3. Dollhouse

Joss Whedon’s niche sci-fi drama was renewed for a second season! I will pause for celebratory cheers…

Eliza Dushku plays Echo, one of the elusive dolls in the dollhouse. Dolls are actives sent on missions to fulfill whatever purpose or need a client has. It’s Alias meets Dark Angel. Action, sex, and drama galore. Plus Dushku in skimpy outfits. Score! Last season, Agent Ballard and Echo started to unravel the secrets of the Dollhouse and…wait a minute. You haven’t seen it? DVDs are out and I’m keeping this spoiler free. Add it to that queue!

The writing and supporting cast makes this show well worth it. Plus it’s a Whedon show! What’s not to love.  Trust meeeee.

New episodes: Sept. 25th, 9pm, Fox.

4. Dexter

Michael C. Hall is amazing. Michael C. Hall is one of the best actors on television. Michael C. Hall is…Dexter.

Dexter is a blood specialist for the Miami Metro Police Department, but he’s also a serial killer…with a code. He’ll only kill the guilty – people like him who deserve to die. He lives by ‘the code’, a set of rules given to him by his stepfather who taught him to control his evil ticks. While he’s at it, he has to keep his cover at work, with his sister, and with his new wifee, Rita and their 3 kids. No problem, right? Wrong.

Dexter’s fourth season premieres Sept. 27th on Showtime. Seasons 1-3 are available on DVD.

5. Curb Your Enthusiasm

Is the glass half full or half empty? Everything in life is relative, according to Larry David, co-creator of Seinfeld.  Curb follows Larry as…actually, if you haven’t seen Curb yet just kill yourself. Or rent the DVDs (I guess that’s less extreme..)


Curb Your Enthusiasm > Seinfeld. Stick that up your pipe and smoke it.

Season 7 of Curb premiered last night and will continue to air its 7th Season Sundays at 9, on HBO.

6. Californication

Are we beginning to see a theme here, guys? HBO and Showtime is where it’s at. And if True Blood was beginning a season as opposed to just ending one, that would also be on my list. For now, sit down and spend some time with Hank Moody, aka David Duchovny on Californication.  Playboy Hank Moody fornicates. A lot. In California. He lives with his daughter, a pre-teen goth chick named Becca, and is still in love with her mother, Karen, who just moved back to NY. What’s a playboy to do in the big city of LA now?

This show is absolutely fucking hysterical. It’s Duchovny at his best and with a great supporting cast to boot. And even though the seemingly schmuck-ish Moody is growing as a character, you’ll still be surprised and keeled over by every decision he makes. A+ television.

Californication premieres Sept. 27th on Showtime at 10pm.

7. 30 Rock

I. fucking. love. this. show. It’s. perfect. Nothing. can. be. changed. about. it.

If you don’t watch it, punch yourself in the face. Kthx.

Premieres October 15th, 9:30pm, NBC.

8. How I Met Your Mother

I never thought I’d actually watch and like a CBS sitcom because A) I’m not 50, B) They’re usually not funny, and C) They’re usually crazy predictable. But HIMYM defies all CBS-sitcom expectations. Now I can sit here and rave about Neil Patrick Harris, but really the entire cast deserves to be commended. Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segal, Josh Radnor, and Cobie Smulders. Hell, even Saget. Four seasons later, the show remains light, witty, and absolutely hilarious. Quite the victory, CBS.

Premiered last night. Airs Mondays at 8pm on CBS.

9. Glee

There are pros and cons to Fox’s new breakout hit, Glee. Pro – The music is really good, and the cast, really talented. Con – It’s three episodes deep and I’m slightly losing interest. Pro – The storylines are fairly interesting with a good blend of life inside the high school and out. Con – It’s kind of cheesy that Fox is already selling music from the show. Pro – JANE LYNCH. See, I’m torn!

Either way, Glee is definitely one of the new shows to keep an eye on. And news just came in that Fox has already called for an entire season! So far, this show isn’t going anywhere, but after the Glee club wins Nationals, what the hell are they going to do for Season 2? And 3? 4? Beyond? I shudder to think.

Glee can be seen Wednesdays at 9pm on Fox.

10: TIE: Community / Parks and Recreation

So I was going to give this spot hands down to Community. Parks and Rec had a bumpy first season that was terribly slow, and kind of uninspiring. But then I saw the Season 2 premiere of Parks and holy shit! It was fantastic! Leslie Knope accidentally chose to defend gay marriage by having a mock wedding at the zoo for two male penguins. Whoops! She then proceeds to get slammed by anti-gay rights activists and hilarity ensued. Honestly, I might have to watch it again! Here’s to hoping Poehler and the gang can keep this ship afloat.

Community, on the other hand, stars Chevy Chase so how could I not have watched that? (WE MISSED YOU, CHEVY!) The Soup’s Joel McHale plays a lawyer who ends up having to go back to college because his undergrad degree was revoked somehow. I don’t really understand the how part, but he’s back in college, unhappy about it, and is kind of a douchebag. Sounds like a good premise for a show if you ask me! And the pilot? Two thumbs way up! Check it out on

Parks and Recreation airs Thursdays at 8:30, while Community airs at 9:30. Both on NBC (with Community’s time to change once 30 Rock returns)


WORD HOLLA! I’ve got a few *Runner-Ups*, but I’m not sure if I can put these eggs in my basket. They are:

V and FlashForward.

V is a remake from an older show. Boo. But it stars Morena Baccarin and Juliet! Yay. And aliens come. And do something or other. I’ll keep you posted.

FlashForward stars Charlie and Penny from Lost, plus John Cho! It tells the story of a bunch of Americans who see into the future. For 2 minutes and 17 seconds, they see their lives from 6 months into the future! Drama, sadness, grief, action, etc, unfolds! Again – yay or nay? Check back later.

FlashForward starts this Thursday at 8pm on ABC. V begins November 3rd at 8pm, also on ABC.

Maybe I should’ve just made this a Top 12 list…

And don’t worry Survivor fans! That show gets it’s own special blog in due time..

Louis C.K. joins the cast of ‘Parks and Recreations’

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EW reports that comedian Louis C.K. is set to star in the second season of Amy Poehler’s mediocre “Parks and Recreations.” According to Variety, Louis C. K. “will portray a Pawnee police officer and potential love interest for the character played by star Amy Poehler. Louis will first appear in the second episode of the Parks season and appear in several segments thereafter.”

I think I’m fair in my assessment when I deem “Parks” mediocre. It struggled in the beginning by following “The Office” a little too closely, but it found some voice and originality in the last few episodes. The cast is great: Poehler, Rashida Jones, and Aziz Ansari, for starters. The writing and plotlines can be pushed a little more, however. It’s funny, but definitely not up to par with other network comedies such as “Arrested Development” or even “The Office.”  The addition of Louis C.K.? Enough to keep me tuned in.

Congratulations on buying some time, “Parks.”